10TH Mountain Plumbing

About Us

10TH Mountain Plumbing started as Tom Goode Plumbing, It services the Roaring Fork Valley nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The company provides a wide variety of services in the Aspen/ Snowmass area that could span from a small service or maintenance need to designing a heating system for a new or remodeled residence that could range from 3 to 20 thousand square feet. Along with a well-designed heating system, our specialty consists of detailed mechanical rooms and in-floor radiant heating systems that are most efficient with the rustic design of stone, tiled or wood floors that are most desirable for a perfect mountain retreat. We also specialize in snowmelt systems that offer the perfect answer to the wonderful convenience of a clear driveway or walkway from all the white stuff that we prefer on the slopes.    Thomas S. Goode founded Tom Goode Plumbing, Inc. several years after he relocated from Hoboken, N.J. in 1973 to experience mountain living for a season primarily due to his love of skiing. He broke away from a long line of plumbers from his dad, brother, to uncles and cousins—some are still in the business on the East Coast. In fact, the guy in the window above is Tom’s Dad, who the company is named for.